Ogun State Workers Warn Gov. Dapo To Stop Deduction Of Funds

Nigeria News today president

Nigeria News today president
Nigeria News today president......Nigeria News today president
Prince (Dr.) Dapo Abiodun (The Ogun State Governor) is aware that he shouldn't patronize the Cooperative deductions of workers and that he should create an enabling environment for Cooperative Societies to thrive to have a smooth and successful tenure in […]
Nigeria News today president
Nigeria News today president Nigeria News today president......Nigeria News today presidentPrince (Dr.) Dapo Abiodun (The Ogun State Governor) is aware that he shouldn't patronize the Cooperative deductions of workers and that he should create an enabling environment for Cooperative Societies to thrive to have a smooth and successful tenure in Ogun state.Nigeria News today president (OGSCOFED)'Ogun State Co-operatives Federation's The President,  Alhaji (Dr.) Abdul Razak Ola-Balogun, advised while speaking with some journalists in his office at Asero in Abeokuta, the Capital city of the state.
still Nigeria News today presidentDr. Abdul Razak Ola-Balogun said that the none payment of deductions and another emolument to government workers by the last administration led by the very Senator Ibikunle Amosun was a major determinant in the outcome of the last Governorship election in Ogun, in his statement, he was saying the sitting governor Prince Dapo Abiodun should learn from Amosun's mistakes.
Nigeria News today presidenCY
Dr. AbdulRazaak also said for  Gov. Abiodun to have a smooth and successful tenure in Ogun state, issues on Cooperatives Reductions, pensions, leave bonuses, and promotion of workers should be in review and with immediate effect.
He also added that failure to do so would have a huge negative impact on his government, members of co-operative societies as well as affect the State economy and the general well being of the state remember this is Nigeria News today president brought to you by IDEALNEWS.
PART OF HIS STATEMENT READS: “We request that since the outgoing governor has settled part of the deductions his administration owed, the new Governor should not withhold the deductions of any of our members.
We want to implore him not to tamper with the co-operative deductions of State workers. ALSO READ:   
Dr. AbdulRazaak speaking in Nigeria News today president.
“We want that Governor Dapo Abiodun should pay the deduction alongside the salary of the workers.
The management board of all the societies has got plans on how they are going to use it to cushion the welfare of their members, failure of the government to remit the Cooperative deductions programs would lead to failure in the actualization of the objectives of members and the societies at large,” he voiced.


still Nigeria News today president........ He (Alhaji Ola-Balogun) also urged the present government administration to give adequate respect and recognition to OGSCOFED Nigeria News today president


.......and uphold the autonomy of the organization by intervening where necessary, saying that the government should interact or cooperate with one or more other agents to produce a joint effect greater than the sum of effects achieved with the co-operative body in the State for further implementation of grassroots programs that would boost small and medium scale businesses around the state, increase rehabilitation and make the state a better one. the latest news in Nigeria today 2020 brought to you by the IDEALNEWS NETWORK. .
Governor Akeredolu wants promoters to explain sources of funds
This is the latest news in Nigeria today 2020 translated By Peter at the IDEALNEWS STUDIO in Abia In Nigeria, The Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum (SMBLF) has called on the President, Mr. Nigeria News today presidentMuhammadu Buhari to halt all forms of divisive and repressive steps the federal government has taken so far against the EndSARS protesters in the country.
The Ondo State Governor and Chairman of the South-west Governors’ Forum, Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN), has urged the #EndSARS promoters whose bank accounts is under suspense by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to approach the court to explain the sources and use of funds in their accounts reason being that the sponsors didn't show any sign of lack or incapability during #ENDSARS protest which took place across all states in the country NIGERIA).
Most Southern and Middle Belt leaders, in a joint statement issued recently and entitled, ‘You can’t kill EndSARS with terror,’ condemned the restrictions on the protesters’ accounts by the apex bank and the demonization of the protesters by the government and its sympathizers still latest news in Nigeria today 2020. The sent statement carries the signature of Senator Bassey Henshaw (South-south); Yinka Odumakin (South-west); Chief Guy Ikokwu (South-east) and Dr. Isuwa Dogo (Middle Belt).
The letter said the CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, who called the protesters ‘terrorists’, should understand have a proper definition of terrorism, as he is serving a government that was once accused of paying 3 million Euros to Boko Haram by WSJ and whose governors pose now and then with bandits they are cuddling, this could make the central bank governor feel guilty of something that might not be in existence.
The SMBLF members lamented that if the country is under governing, what should be happening now is proper healing and making sure the country doesn't have to go through another unrest any time soon.
While demanding the release of all those arrested or with open court cases without delay, The SMBL forum said President Buhari's administration is sowing another seed that could trigger a bigger crisis within the country.
The SMBLF also demanded a halt of the period of prolonged and intensive questioning going on in the country which is affecting the Nigerian Influencers Network, adding that it is an action that can bring no good to the people.
Nigeria News today president 
A vital part of their statement reads ‘’We did not miss the projection when we interpreted President Muhammadu Buhari’s regrets of his accepting the #ENDSARS demands as displaying a sign of weakness in his last broadcast as a declaration that he would bare his fangs and deal with the protesters after the unwarranted and wicked killings of some of them at Lekki Tollgate and other places.
Still latest news in Nigeria today 2020 the SMBLF talking... ‘’Let us state first that we are not in any way impressed by the late and after-thought measure of sending some Kaduna delegates like the Chief of Staff and the IG round the non-Arewa sections of the country with a script to manipulate support for the ruthless killings of our young people and the barbaric desire to clamp down on social media as we have seen in the communique of the safaris to the South-east and South-west.
We see the denial by Oyo Governor, Mr. Seyi Makinde, that the South-west did not canvass the clampdown on social media as a signal that the foot soldiers of the regime are deceiving themselves to color the good points our people made at those sessions with the stinking propaganda of deluded colonial lords in Abuja.
The SMBLF ‘’There have been reports of preventing leaders and supporters of the protest from traveling and alleged seizures of their traveling documents and freezing of their bank accounts without court process at a time the Attorney-General of the Federation is asking UAE authorities to give him the records of trials of six Nigerian Boko Haram finders convicted in that country by the highest court so he can certify whether justice is in play or not,” that is what the SMBLF says.
While Speaking on a live television program, Mr. Akeredolu stated that the issue of the freezing of the accounts has their attention since last Sunday at the meeting of governors, traditional rulers, and other stakeholders in the South-west but they didn't show any interest in the proposed next action since it was not convincing enough to stay as the solution to the ongoing problems in the country (NIGERIA).
The SMBLF talking... “The issue of the accounts that is freezen is elaborate, but nobody said in the communiqué that we appreciated the government for freezing the accounts.
“We know that there are ways to get a few things done without putting it in the public glare and start contestation on the pages of newspapers.
So, we know what we decided and we know what we want to do about that. “The issue, when it is rais, generated debate. But it was so clear that some people were getting to fund this for reasons other than #EndSARS. So, if we know money moved from some suspicious accounts, do you say the government should keep quiet? It is something we are looking into,” he added.
Mr. Akeredolu also encouraged the Nigerian youth representatives on the Lagos State Commission of Judiciary Inquiry probing cases of police brutality and the Lekki shootings to resume sitting while they challenge the CBN action in court to see that justice plays in as it is the basic right of every citizen to get justice.
still the latest news in Nigeria today 2020 While still talking, Mr. Akeredolu also mentioned: “If I were counsel to those people, I will not tell them not to appear at that panel. cheers, that were IDEALNEWS NETWORK would you like to get more news? .

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